Panteón Rococó U.S. Tour "No Wall Tour"

After a history of 22 years and 16 world tours, this Mexican ska-fusion band is restless and is ready to take on a new North American tour (Photo: Courtesy)



Panteón Rococó is returning to North America to keep breaking down barriers and paving the way for consolidating cultures. The "No Wall" U.S. tour of 14 shows will be one of the group's longest tours in the country. It begin on September 8 in Chicago, Illinois, and end on November 25 in Anaheim, California. Over these last 22 years of music and resistance, Panteón Rococó has proven why it is one of the most acclaimed bands of Mexico and all of Latin America. 

On December 3, 2016, the ska-fusion band performed for their most loyal fans at a sold out show at Palacio de los Deportes, in Mexico City. What stood out about said performance was the random nature of their show; during the days prior to the show people had the chance to vote on the band's songs, thus creating the set list for that memorable gathering with the audience who have placed them at the top of their career. 

As a corollary of their twentieth anniversary celebration they presented the DVD "Panteón Rococó: XX Años" in June of this year, a filmed creation of the concert they held in July 2015 at the Arena Ciudad de México, which happened simultaneously in Monterrey, Guadalajara and Mexico City. 

In 2017, so far Panteón Rococó has participated at different festivals and has returned to places they had not been to for many years. An example of this has been their successful  "No Wall Tour" that took place in Germany, with over ten shows in cities like Hamburg, Nyon, Berlin, Munich, etc. The band also had a stellar presence at  Rock al Parque 2017 in Colombia (a festival that has been taking place since 1994) and at the Paleo festival in Switzerland. 

It should be mentioned that each member of the group has participated in different projects within the music industry, from collaborations and alternative projects to producing other artists albums.

The "Ejército de Paz" offered a last performance in Mexico City this September 2nd and few days later they headlined the second edition of "Pepsi Ska Fest" in their country.

Other news for this year which we have to point out is their return to the recording studio to keep strenghtening their discography, since their last studio album release has been "Ni carne ni pescado" (2012), and their singles Viernes de webeo and Nunca fue, released in 2014. Although there isn't a name nor an official release date yet, production is going smoothly, guided by two great creative minds in the industry: Chix Amaro and Álvaro Villagra. The wait will soon be over, with a promise of lots and lots of more crazy ska. 

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